“Blue Vegas paints a lovely and sometimes desperate view of Sin City”

March 31, 2010

By John Mischief

Earlier this month at his World Famous Double Down Saloon owner/writer/entrepreneur/visionary, P Moss launched his first book, Blue Vegas.

Blue Vegas is a loose collection of 17 stories of life in Sin City. Stories that run the gamut of emotions; Lust, Fear, Anger, Desperation, and Hope. A desperate father who has to ask his daughter to borrow some money. A superstitious oriental business owner has a restless problem with retirement. And 15 more tales of the Naked City and surrounding areas…

The stories are as varied as each person that make up our beautiful town. Focusing on the citizens who live and experience life off the strip as most of us do, it paints a different side of life here in Vegas. Most people are familiar with the bright neon of the strip but know little of the burned out bulbs of life behind it.

Blue Vegas is the second book to be published by City Life Books, yes, the same people who bring you City Life each and every week.

Pick up Blue Vegas today at any area bookstore or head to [Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf] locations to have Moss sign the book for you. Either way get it. You won’t be disappointed and you just may recognize something in there.

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